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Who are we?

VEERA is a growing global brand in sustainable machine manufacturing. We develop technologies to process and convert various wastes into different forms of energy. With our simple, easy to use affordable and profitable systems we help create entrepreneurs who not only have successful businesses but also help contribute to creating a cleaner planet.

We have over 10+ years of footprint, 40+ countries of happy profiting clients, branches spread across India and Africa and are strong market leaders in small-scale decentralized machine technologies.


Achieving dominant market share in niche segment of sustainable waste to energy machinery could not be possible without our prioritizing of two values, knowledge and talent.

We extensively work and squeeze our brains to come up with the most cost-effective solutions with zero compromise on quality and placing higher efficiencies as our gold standard. Given our depth of R&D both on market dynamics and product placements is why VEERA is who we are today.

Secondly, we have had the most pride in having some of the best talented minds intern with us and be part of our team. Many technologies we create, be it those used in our machines today or at R&D have come from united efforts working with several talent young interns. We all have started here and so we get it ! We are amply proud to say many of our interns have grown to set up their own businesses and are even our vendors and service providers today.

Explore careers with us

We are always thrilled to have individuals with love for creation and impact on our team so write to us at sales@veerabiopower.com

Let us know you’re interested and drop your details, but first make sure you have the following qualifications:

  • Lots of passion
  • Dedication
  • Sincere and Honest work ethic
  • Open to learn and grow
  • Love yourself and your talent
  • Help others as you help yourself

That’s right no fancy degrees or EXPERIENCES needed ! Experiences can only come from taking chances and we at VEERA are willing to TAKE THAT CHANCE on you !


I felt right at home throughout my time with Veera. Venkatesh sir identified my talent and potential and encouraged me to pursue my own path. After working with him and learning from his experience I now run my own accounting business. It’s all thanks to him I have an office today with 20 people working with me. Veera was and always is a huge place of growth for me!

Sujithra Sales and Accounting

Just a random internship opportunity became a life changing one. During my college days I had the opportunity to work with Veera team and it was the best decision yet. I am now placed in IBM mainly as the hiring committee were impressed with my final year project developed under the mentorship of Venkatesh sir. At Veera, there is never a limit of learning better yet there is even a push to be the best version of ourselves

Varun Engineering

Veera was an absolute stepping stone for my career. The environment to try, explore, learn and make mistakes moulded me in many ways. Joining as an intern I never expected that along with Veera team I would be able to create a product and even sell it to one of the well-established restaurant chains in the State. Currently, placed as an Application Engineer in Amazon, I am able to handle multiple roles and responsibilities with ease owing to a lot of managerial traits I acquired during my time with Venkatesh sir.

Padmavathi IT and Software

Never had a job, married and over 7 years of gap after graduation…. I honestly doubted if I would ever get any chance to work. But miracles do happen and as I was reached by Veera team for an internship position for their social wing, I was completely speechless. They believed in me even when I didn’t. I was very insecure as I had no knowledge on how to go about doing things, but both Desika mam and Obulaxmi mam guided me every single step. I have not only gained confidence during the internship period but also learned immense values and work ethic I will carry on forever.

Rohini Social Entrepreneurship